Get to Know Our Workday Dashboards

At Invisors, we love to empower our customers with dynamic tools for their Workday system.

With that in mind, our Workday experts have built game-changing proprietary dashboards + services to help meet your organization's needs. Ready for a sneak peek? Watch as we demonstrate our dashboards below - no downloads or form fills required!


Integrations Monitoring Dashboard + Service

Manage cross-functional workstreams + proactively monitor Workday Integrations with our custom dashboard.

Discover how we:

  • Deploy a custom dashboard to help you maintain your Workday Integrations
  • Equip you to prioritize pertinent issues + keep a pulse on the overall health of your workstream
  • Provide troubleshooting + sustainable solutions for existing integration challenges

Ready to get started? Download our one-pager + accelerator to for all of the details on our service offer.

One-Pager + Accelerator
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Data + Operations Management Dashboard

Looking to monitor Business Process performance + dig into the details inside your Workday system? Learn how our proprietary Data + Operations Management Dashboard:

  • Equips you with high-level trends + the ability to drill into detailed examples and issues
  • Enables you to get to the root of data gaps + inconsistencies
  • Provides custom audits to call out any missing data incomplete configuration setup

Ready to get started? Download our one-pager for more detail + to take the next steps.

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